November 9, 2023

1 Peter 2:11–12 (NKJV) — 11 Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and
pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul, 12 having
your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against
you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify
God in the day of visitation.
This earth is not our permanent home. We are pilgrims walking through this
world. The Christian walks through life in this world, lives in this world, takes
up space in this world, but is not a permanent resident of this world. The
follower of Christ is a resident in this world but not a citizen. His citizenship
is in Heaven.
The question must be, “where is our heart?” Christians must behave in such
a way as to draw others to Christ. We are God’s ambassadors to the world.
Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:20, “Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ,
as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf,
be reconciled to God.” Our heart is in Heaven. Our focus is upon God and His
calling, His purpose for us now.
Being a representative of God is no small task. Remember as a Christian we
ARE representatives of God! We are to let others see Jesus in us. We are
God’s instruments of His righteousness. We are promoters of God’s kingdom.
We might ask, “Is my life lived in such a way others would be drawn to
What authority does a Christian have in this world? We have the authority to
represent Jesus. To promote Jesus. When does an ambassador for Christ end
his duty on earth? The answer is simple. When God calls us home.
When our time on earth is finished and we are called to our heavenly home
will God say to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?
Being a Christian is more than going to Heaven. It is a relationship with God.
We do not just represent ourselves in this world.


We must let others see the real Jesus living in us. Life is not all about us and
our desires. It is all about Jesus our Creator and Sustainer of life. If we have
a problem with this we may need to ask, “What is our true relationship with
Christ?” We cannot represent what we are not and do not believe.